Saturday, November 3, 2007

Rembrandt's, Zocalo (Sunday, Oct. 21)

After an eventful Saturday, Sunday morning began with a lazy meandering towards brunch. We headed out to the Fairmount district, bordering Kelly Drive and Fairmount Park, on the edge of the Schuylkill River. Lots of row houses here and we dropped by an open house. The house was incredibly narrow, but that's because I'm from California. It was large, but the space went straight back and straight up. I thought it was quite lovely and was rather taken with the room on the top floor that had a bird's-eye view of the street.

Anyhoo, we stopped for brunch at Rembrandt's Restaurant and Bar. Yes, it's named for the artist. D. and I had the Bananas Foster French Toast.

Very good French toast. Afterwards, we walked through the park, with its many boathouses and great views of downtown Philly.

That evening, we met up with D.'s cousin and her family for dinner at Zocalo, a Mexican restaurant near UPenn. It was quite good, but rather pricey. Again, I'm looking from it with a California viewpoint. $17 cheese enchiladas?! Oy vay. Still good, though. I chose the plato surtido, an appetizer sampler, as my meal. No pictures because I didn't want to look like an absolute nerd in front of D.'s family.

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