Thursday, April 17, 2008

Emery Bay Public Market, Bangkok Thai

This awesome food court is one of D.'s favorite places to dine in the East Bay. It's a large and eclectic mix of food stalls. I have yet to have a bad meal here. It's convenient, cheap, and perfect for the indecisive. You could have a lunch composed of pad thai, a samosa, and a milkshake if you wanted.

Our favorite stall is Bangkok Thai. Great stir-fried noodles. D. always orders his pad see-ew and I always have pad thai. We're creatures of habit.

I love the pad thai, which has plenty of wok hei. The noodles are perfect and it's very flavorful. The icy bland slivers of lettuce with a dribbling of dressing is a nice contrast to the pungent flavors of the noodles.

The shrimp are fresh and it's a large serving. For $6.80, which includes tax, it's a fantastic deal.

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