Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Philadelphia: Monk's Cafe, Revisited

Our second visit to Monk's cafe was as delightful as the first. D. wanted to revisit this Belgian pub and I thought it was an excellent idea. I also chose rabbit this time around, but it was the lapin a la gueuze, rabbit stewed with root vegetables in Cantillon Gueuze, which the menu describes as a spontaneously fermented ale with earthy and citrus characteristics. I think spontaneous fermented ales are cool... if I'm correct, the brew is left open so yeast in the air can start the fermentation process. It made an excellent stew.

The cliched line of "it tastes like chicken" definitely applies to rabbit. The meat fell off the bones nicely and the mashed potatoes were an excellent side. The squash/onion mixture was soft and flavorful. It's a very elegant dish and paired well with my La Chouffe, a fruity golden ale. The beer was actually a bit too sweet for my liking, which is weird, because I usually enjoy fruited beers.

The atmosphere is a bit loud, but it's a pub, so... duh. The interior is rather dark and looks like a monastery, hence the name. Service is excellent and the food is fantastic. Great "icing" to the cake that is a great beer selection.

626 S. 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

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