Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mary's Donuts

"Why would we drive to Santee for donuts?"

Famous last words, D. He would eat them as heartily as he ate the donuts.

After reading this thread on Chow, I had to try Mary's Donuts. I was once a disciple of the Krispy Kreme craze and seriously burned out on them. Truth be told, I thought Krispy Kremes were too sweet and occasionally greasy (i.e. one bite produced a little gush of oil). I swore KK off for a while and returned to worshipping the mom-and-pop donut shop.

I only have a picture of the shop because we ate the donuts before I had a chance to photograph them. Santee is a little bit of a haul from North Park, but those donuts are absolutely worth it. Alice listed them in her list of 100 good things to eat in San Diego.

Go to Mary's. Be happy.

Mary's Donuts
9031 Mission Gorge Rd
Santee, CA 92071

2 bites:

David said...

Thanks for your post on Mary's Donuts. Our local donut shop closed about two months ago and I have been looking for another one. This one does not seem too far away from house in Fletcher Hills.

I/We shall have to try them.

PS. I love food. I will link to your blog from mine.

RecipeGirl said...

Love this donut place. In college I lived out in that area w/ some roommates & this was a frequently visited place!

2 bites