Saturday, September 26, 2009

La Fachada Taco Truck

The restaurant is La Fachada, but they also have a taco truck in the parking lot. We visited the taco truck for dinner, after looking for the Churros El Tigre churro cart. Alas, the little cart was forced to cease operations due to permit issues. Since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to dine at La Fachada's taco truck.

The tacos were so good that I barely took pictures of them, let alone any exterior shots. I apologize. The truck is a classic food truck, with a row of Mexican
aguas, salsas, and pickled carrots in front. To the side is a grill with all-you-can-eat beans and grilled onions. The seating in front of the truck is shaded, generous, and one can dine with the musical selection blasting behind you. For our dining pleasure, they were blasting hits from the late 90's, which I approved of. Ah, nostalgia.

I had four tacos: 2 of the
birria (stewed goat), lengua (cow's tongue), and tripa (fried tripe)

The birria was excellent. I love goat, which is gamey without being too tough. Birria's broth, with its smoky depths, brings out the richness of the meat. It soaked through the handmade corn tortillas in a few minutes, but no matter, I ate the small tacos quite fast.

I didn't mind the tripa, but I didn't love it either. The texture's fine and the frying gives it a nice crust, but there was something... earthy about the tripa that made me think it wasn't fresh or it hadn't been cleaned out too well. Yikes. I'd prefer not to think about it too much. Otherwise, it was kind of bland, with only breading and no other means of seasoning. Oh, well, an opportunity to showcase their different salsas. I liked a spicy red one that tasted like it might have had pasilla in it.

The lengua was inspiring. Tongue is a very richly flavored cut, and La Fachada cubes the tongue and keeps it tender and flavorful. The cubes were melt-in-your-mouth moist. They needed no condiments, but a touch of onions and cilantro were nice.

Drop by, grab a few tacos, and enjoy! San Diego has a few great taco trucks and this one is one of them.

La Fachada
20 25th St

(at Imperial Ave)
San Diego, CA 92102

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imjustatree said...

o does that mean that churros el tigre is gone?


i'll have to look this place up

Meandering Eats said...

I think it's gone with little hope of returning. Word has it the health department requirements were too difficult to follow. La Fachada, however, is totally worth the visit. Let me know how you like it!

Masa Assassin said...

Hi very nice report. Thats awesome that you went beyond the typical asada/adobada that most order. Thats funny that they were playing 90s hits they are usually bumping cumbia when Im thier haha. Sorry the churros are gone I will hunt some down this weekend, Im going to start becoming active again in San Diego. Oh and Congrats the domain name change.

Petpro said...

I am green with envy at the selection of foods you can enjoy in Sunny California. I'm from Texas, but I live in Northern Ontario, Canada now, and let's just say, there is much we do not have here.
I'd do about anything to visit a taco truck!!!

4 bites