Saturday, January 30, 2010

Best Husband Ever.

Trying to be as disciplined as possible with my MCAT studying (why I'm taking it is a story for another day) and I find this on my desk.


Trader Joe's yummy European-style assorted cookies and a pot of Rickshaw black tea. This is one more in a long string of big and small reasons why D. is the best husband ever.

3 bites:

caninecologne said... very thoughtful.

i came home yesterday with my husband hard at work trying to surprise me by making dinner. this is a rarity by the way. i came home early and ruined the surprise. he refused to let me help him. he was making irish stout beef stew in the crock pot. his first attempt. it came out pretty good!

good luck on your MCAT by the way! : )

Jennywenny said...

Aw! You both need to have a word with my husband, he's a bit lacking in that department, much as I love him!!

Meandering Eats said...

Caninecologne- I ruin D.'s surprises all of the time... he really isn't good at concealing his tracks. ;) Thanks!

Jenny- Hehe... I'd argue that we used to be super-lacking in that department, but that's something we've had to work really hard to change!

3 bites