Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seattle So Far...

Not a lot to say, but a ton of pictures from Seattle. It's a bit of a working vacation. D. has a conference and I'm working on secondary applications. Our friend APH has been very kind to take us around town when it's a hojillion degrees outside.

From the ferry to Bainbridge Island:

Pike Place Market at night:

Mercer Island Farmers' Market:

Whidbey Island Ice Cream Company has handmade ice cream bars dipped in chocolate. Their peanut butter ice cream is to die for.

It's not a visit to Seattle, apparently, without visiting a Tom Douglas restaurant or two.

My pizza had guanciale, soft egg, and arugula.

The winery was really into the faux-French, including a pretty, but a bit ostentatious, tasting room.

Heading to Vancouver soon!

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Dennis K. said...

Mmm, pizza with soft egg...
Sounds like you had a great trip, thanks for sharing! :)

caninecologne said...

ooh fun! love the pix! seattle is one of my fave cities. :)

2 bites