Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cayucos: Brown Butter Cookie Company

Yes, go in for a sample. Sample everything, buy a ton, and leave happy. That's my strategy whenever I'm in Cayucos, which is too infrequent for my liking.

When I decided to change the blog's name to Meandering Eats, it was partly because I write about my travels. You know, I'd... meander. Thanks to my stint as a born-again student (about which I'll talk more later), I haven't done much meandering lately.

Cayucos is a gorgeous beach town situated on California's Central Coast. Even as a native Californian, I forget how frickin' big this state is. Between Los Angeles and San Francisco are hundreds of miles of coastline much less populated than the cities and occasionally seem like another world.

From San Diego, it's a haul to Cayucos, because the beast known as Los Angeles traffic sits between the two stretches of stunning beach. I kid you not, I have spent over nine hours making that trip. For the sake of comparison, it took me, Dan, and Bear four hours and 45 minutes returning home this past weekend. We left before the crack of dawn and not a soul was on the road.

When we get up there, where my in-laws have a lovely home, we like to eat and drink a lot. Between the spectacular wineries, the great farmers' markets, and the local eateries dispensing everything from cinnamon buns to farm-to-table fine dining, we spend a lot of our time in the Central Coast in a stupor. A very happy and relaxed stupor... with this view:

No, you can't have my in-laws.

But you can have those lovely brown butter sea salt cookies, as the bakery's become a must-stop every time I'm visiting. Started by sisters Christa and Traci, the wonderful shop near the northern end of Cayucos' main drag is warm and homey, smelling of delicious cookies.

Their signature offering, the original flavor, is a shortbread-esque cookie that has the nuttiness of browned butter and the hint of saltiness from the sea salt contrasting with the sweetness inherent in a cookie. I normally think shortbread cookies tend to be too dry or a dense, slightly mushy disk. Not so with these, which are perfectly balanced between moist, light, and crumbly.

Other flavors include espresso and cocoa, with a new addition being bourbon. We thought of Dan's late uncle, who loved bourbon and Cayucos, so this was a perfectly fitting coincidence.

They offer several types of flat (classic) cookies and I recall flavors like peanut butter and classic chocolate chip. However, my favorite is the honey cookie, which is a thin, richly moist cookie that is made with amazing honey.

At home, with a glass of milk. I tried not to eat them all at once.

To order online, visit Brown Butter Cookie Company's website. The cookies are also sold in other locations, so it's best to contact them directly to find the location closest to you.

Brown Butter Cookie Company
250 N. Ocean Avenue
Cayucos, CA 93430

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Jennifurla said...

yes please...I was hoping this was in San Diego!

TheCilantropist said...

I love the smooth round shape of the cookies, and also the rustic decor of their shop - too cute! I could totally go for one of those bourbon cookies... Mmmm... 

Jenny Williams said...

Wow, that looks so yummy!  And reminds me that I need to do more with browned butter.  I've been purposefully browning the butter a little in my flourless chocolate cakes for the restaurant a little, not probably enough to notice, but I think its time for me to actually go out to make something specifically browned buttery, love that flavor!!

kelly said...

hey!  We were just talking about Cayucos last night trying to come up with a weekend getaway for my stressed out hubs.  Love the sound (and looks!) of those cookies.  I'd definitely need someone else around to keep me from enjoying them more than I need to :)

Leanne A said...

I was so bummed when we got to Cayucos after they had closed... and then we had to leave in the morning before they opened!  Now I know to make it a priority the next time we're up in the area.

caninecologne said...

hi marie - we were just there TODAY! loved it! :) glad i read this post a few weeks ago and incorporated a stop to Cayucos on our trip down...

Averie Cooks said...

all those cookies..makes me wish I was right there!

7 bites