Monday, July 25, 2011

Guest-Posting at The Cilantropist: Brioche for Busy Schedules

Howdy from Boston! I'm on the other side of the country to beat up some smah-t kids at Hahv.... ok, I couldn't resist. No, I'm not here to kick anyone's butt, but rather to see good friends and family in Boston, then migrate down to Philly for more friends and family, then head to Big Summer Potluck, and then to New Jersey to see more dear friends. I am so very stoked to be here to see people that once lived mere blocks or miles away, but now live on the other side of the continent.

Meanwhile, this post is for another good friend, one who is working hard back home in San Diego on her doctoral dissertation.

Amanda of The Cilantropist and I met on a drive to LA, thanks to Todd and Diane of White on Rice Couple who hosted us for a photography workshop. Perhaps it's not the most prudent thing to invite someone you've never met to share a long and trafficky drive, but we hit it off and haven't stopped since.

If you have a moment, stop by Amanda's to say hello and cheer her on as she forges ahead towards finishing her Ph.D. Woohoo!

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San Diego Mobile Notary said...

What a great story! You have a lovely site!

Marie said...

The good thing about the explosion of food blogging events is that if you miss some, there's always more to attend. You were definitely missed at BSP2! Hopefully we can go to BSP3 next year!

Marie said...

Thank you! It's a bit belated, but I'm glad you stopped by!

Marie said...

Yay! I'm so glad the recipe worked out for you. Whew!

Lori Lange said...

I'm so sad that I missed BSP2!  And I should have attended Todd and Diane's workshop too.  I'm missing out on everything!  Look forward to seeing you at the Star Olive Oil dinner tomorrow night!

manhattan said...

nice post .. the jam looks so delicious .. i love it .. nice post ..

Sally said...

Well, you're in my backyard, but I guess I can wait until Friday to see you :) Do you need a ride?
 Have a great time in Beantown. Be careful if you run into a seen-ya citizens pah-ty in Hahh vahd Yahd. (Those were the first words we heard when we moved here so many years ago!) p.s. nice photo!

kellypea said...

Busy, busy, you. What a great story about how you and Amanda met.  Go figure :) We need a BSP2 on the West Coast -- San Diego! 

TheCilantropist said...

Thanks again for sharing such a great recipe Marie!  Everyone is loving the post, stop by and check in the comments - one reader made the recipe already and was thrilled with her perfect brioche! :D  Hope you are enjoying your vacation! 

Thumper081006 said...

I started this yesterday and finished it up today.  It was amazing and so easy!  I had never had broiche and didn't know what to expect. It was very light and so good!

Magic of Spice said...

This was a great guest post and you have a lovely site :)

Marie said...

Hahahaha, now she can't get rid of me. And yes, it'd be great if we could have our own thing out here!

Marie said...

Thanks for having me, lady!

TheCilantropist said...

Haha, why would I ever want to get rid of you? :D

Jenny said...

You make one heck of a loaf of bread Marie!  Sooo pretty, besides tasting sooo deelish.  I consider myself lucky, I gotta have some!  :)

Averie Cooks said...

I still need to meet both you and Amanda...we live like 5 mins apart!!!

17 bites