Monday, November 14, 2011

Mama's Pie in the Sky: On Missing Great Things

I'm on vacation. I'm fortunate to travel enough for "Meandering Eats" to be a somewhat fitting blog title and this vacation is one of our major ones. When it was in the planning stages, we realized it'd be best to travel in November and end it at Thanksgiving. One of the first things I realized was that I'd miss out on Mama's Pie in the Sky and, as a delivery driver and pie volunteer, it was a major bummer.

Mama's Kitchen is an organization that serves San Diegans living with HIV and terminal cancer. Every year, they have a fundraiser called Mama's Pie in the Sky, selling Thanksgiving pies to raise money. The pies are baked by bakeries and bakers all over the county, including Elizabethan Desserts, The French Gourmet, and Jenny Wenny Cakes.

Please take a look at their website and consider helping out with a pie purchase, donation, or volunteering. Fellow San Diego food blogger Vintage Sugarcube is a pie seller this year. If you buy a pie and want to help her increase pie sales, search the drop-down menu for Jennifer Johnson, her alter ego. Sales end November 20th, so buy your pie soon!

Take a look at what other wonderful San Diego food bloggers are saying about Pie in the Sky:

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For more fun, check out this awesome video from Sam the Cooking Guy and Elizabeth from Elizabethan Desserts!

Oh, and where am I? Guess.

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sunnyinsyracuse said...

Yay for pies and yay for Paris!!! Enjoy lady :)

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