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As Meandering Eats evolves as a blog and website, I receive opportunities to work with restaurants, brands, or events. I'm grateful for the opportunities and I have to say that I limit the amount of promotional work I do in order to keep the content on this site fueled by personal inspirations, rather than professional obligations.

When you work with me, I guarantee 100% effort, with photos and a thoughtful post about your restaurant/product/event. My skills are self-taught and always growing, so the work will always be a labor of love. I shoot with a Canon 7D using 50mm and a 17-55mm lens. Since good photos are vital to this site, please be prepared to offer space and adequate light for photography. If you stick me in a dark restaurant with a three-course beef meal followed by chocolate desserts, I will be grateful for the meal, but there won't be good photos. Photos are edited on Adobe Lightroom 3.

I enjoy writing and have been blessed with freelance opportunities, so please take a look at the following samples along with the content on Meandering Eats to have an idea of how I write. My work can be seen on:

The Food and Drink Section of (links to additional pieces on right sidebar)

Wandering Appetite at San Diego CityBeat

Guest post on The Cilantropist: A Smarter Way to Make Brioche

Guest post on Kitchen Corners: Great Ingredients to Add to Your Salad

I occasionally cover events and my favorite example is the 2011 Taste of Hillcrest. After the post, the Hillcrest Business Association asked to use my photos, promoted my post, and used the material to promote 2012 Taste of Hillcrest (which I was devastated to miss due to travel).

Please take a look at my work before contacting me. I ask that public relations professionals remember a few things:

1) I reserve the right not to post if the experience is negative, but that is usually in extreme cases.

2) I have a day job and this blog is my personal creative space. I hope you will be pleased with the quality of work you receive, but this is not a full-time job and I am a skilled hobbyist, not a professional.

3) Meandering Eats is not a billboard or a bulletin board, so please do not send me stuff and expect me to post blindly. I will not recommend anything based solely on a press release.

4) Just as you don't have a lot of time and don't want it wasted, I ask that you extend the same consideration to me. Please be upfront about what you want. Sending me a press release with "Does this fit with what you're working on?" really isn't helpful. If you require metrics before we talk, ask for them right away.

I may be "just a blogger," but I may also be a good fit for you. If you think so and I haven't scared you off with the above list, please email me directly.

Marie {at} meanderingeats {dot} com

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