Wednesday, September 19, 2007

888 Seafood Restaurant

It's not a visit to LA without dim sum, so here's another entry about it. The dim sum's pretty good here, but the best part about it is that my mother has connections, so we rarely have to wait for a table. We've waded through a 2-hour-wait crowd to a table, so it's pretty cool. Anyhoo, some dishes (see previous entries for Wikipedia links to more information):

Shiu mai and har gow. Shiu mai is a pork/shrimp dumpling and har gow is shrimp only. The wrappers are different with the yellow wrapper being wheat based and the translucent wrapper being rice based.

Cherng fun, which are rice noodle rolls. These are filled with shrimp.

Chinese style meatballs. Tenderized ground beef rolled with onions and spinach. Served with Worcestershire sauce.

Ah, the buns. Custard on the left, BBQ pork on the right. My father also likes the chicken ones.

Picture of a cart. It's a pretty cart, so I included the picture. We didn't order any of these dishes, but some of them are quite good. The buns are BBQ pork (baked, not steamed like the ones above) and pineapple. Not in the same bun. The fried dumplings (top, second plate from left) are good. The dough is rice based and quite sticky. So it's crisp on the outside, but chewy/sticky on the inside and filled with meat.

The stainless-steel carts, which are less pretty and more typical:

Good dim sum and we'll always come back.

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