Friday, September 7, 2007

It's a travesty that I didn't take any pictures of this, but hopefully D. will make it again soon. Wednesday night, he surprised me with a gorgeous dinner of:

  • filet mignon with red wine caramelized onions
  • grilled corn on the cob
  • grilled potato (like a baked potato, but cooked on the grill)
  • sugar snap peas
The filet mignon with onions was genius. The beef was really moist and tender and D. grilled it to medium rare, which is midway between our preferences. The red wine gave the onions a tangy sweetness that made me think, "This is different, but how?" The corn on the cob, wrapped in foil, was crunchy and sweet. Since the foil kept the moisture in the kernels, each bite had a little burst of sweet liquid.

I ate my potato plain and grilling it made it firm and crumbly. It also brought out a slightly smoky flavor that's probably attributed to the skin being grilled and caramelizing. D. put the snow peas in a foil packet, seasoned with salt and pepper, and put it on the grill. They were steamed until soft, although I do like a little more a bite to my snap peas. Still fabulous, though.

Yup, he'll definitely have to do it again.

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