Monday, October 15, 2007

D.'s Fabulous Dinners

Photos in this post have been deleted... newer photos have been added here. The link for the photo of the spaghetti/eggplant was broken and I have decided not to reload it.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, life has been hectic lately. I'm incredibly blessed, however, by the fact that D. is a fabulous cook. During the last week, I came home to several great meals, but two were particularly noteworthy.

The first was one of D.'s excellent kinda-homemade meals. Courtesy of Trader Joe's, the eggplant cutlets were excellent. Pre-made with the dollops of cheese and sauce, they were light and flavorful. D. tossed the angel hair with some spaghetti sauce (we like Classico's tomato and basil or sun-dried tomato), the gourmet tomato medley from TJ's, Parmesan cheese, and basil from the backyard. It was a great meal and the fact that quality ingredients are readily available make it that much better.

A few nights later, D. made his trademark flank steak with green beans, baked potatoes, and K.'s fabulous sweet potato casserole as a side. Holy cow, that casserole is good. I almost ignored D.'s awesome steak, green beans, and baked potatoes for it.

The flank steak, as always, was cooked medium-rare and was tender and flavorful. He uses a spicy-ginger marinade from Vons. Buy the marinade and upend the bottle into the bag. Add the steaks, then freeze. Then, whenever you want to eat it, defrost it the night before and plop it on the grill. Quite easy for great results.

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Alicia Elba said...


I've just spent three hours drooling over your blog... It makes me miss American food or any ethnic cuisine so much.

I'll be damned if I eat potatoes tonight.

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