Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kiyo's Japanese Restaurant

M. found this cozy little restaurant tucked away in the Gaslamp. I don't normally brave the crowded Gaslamp quarter for meals, so it was a rare visit to the area for me and D. Kiyo's seems to be a family-owned business, with Kiyo-san himself behind the sushi bar.

Sorry, the picture above is blurry. My camera freaks out a little during evening light conditions.

D. doesn't eat sushi, so he looked at the cooked offerings. We were both a little floored to see that the prices were pretty high for basics like chicken and beef teriyaki. These weren't combinations, either, just a la carte items served with salad, soup, and rice. D. went for the beef teriyaki, while I chose the chirashi sushi.

Beautiful, isn't it? My only complaint about this dish was that the fish could have been fresher. Despite the vibrant colors seen in the photo, once the slices were unearthed, it was clear they had lost a little bit of their color. The knife skills of Kiyo-san (who came to check on us and to inquire about our impressions of his masterpiece) are impressive.

It's pricey, but visit for a quiet and cozy evening of sushi. Avoid the cooked dishes. We sat at a table, but if there's a next time, I'd sit at the bar. Word on the interweb has it that the best of their inventory and repertoire are showcased at the bar.

Kiyo's Japanese Restaurant
531 F Street
San Diego, CA 92101

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KirkK said...

Hi GF - Kiyo's has been around forever. Since they moved a few years ago, I've felt as if the quality has gone down a bit. Still, it is quite reasonable for the area.

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