Saturday, May 3, 2008

San Diego Blogger Mixer: Eclipse Chocolat

Many thanks to Will of Eclipse Chocolat for organizing a lovely gathering of San Diego food bloggers. Eclipse Chocolat is located near the corner of Alabama St. and El Cajon Blvd. and I have yet to drop by. I've been meaning to for a while, esp. since Bear's twice-daily walks usually end up near Alabama. This was a perfect opportunity to sample some of their products and meet fellow food bloggers.

Kim and I walked a few blocks to Eclipse, after which I was soaked in sweat because it was a really warm day. Geez, talk about a first impression. Hehe. Anyway, it was great to meet so many bloggers in person. I wish I had more time to chat with everyone.

Will generously offered samples of various chocolates, including an intriguing blackberry sage rendition. Kim and I both had the seasonal dessert tasting platter, which had four items:

  • Frozen chocolate-mixed berry merlot mousse
  • Grilled white chocolate carrot gateau (check out Will's "first draft" of this awesome cake)
  • Dark chocolate croissant bread pudding with creme anglaise sauce
  • White chocolate-chamomile lemon bar
The lemon bar was good, with a slab of white chocolate on top. I couldn't really taste the chamomile, which was actually a good thing, since I don't particularly like it. The bar was actually more like a cake, which was good, but a little dry.

The bread pudding was Kim's favorite and it was very good. I liked the creme anglaise sauce best. It's rich and chocolaty, perfectly complimented by the dense vanilla cream sauce.

I was looking forward to the carrot cake the most and it didn't disappoint. Warm and nutty, it was very light and did not need any garnishes. On the other hand, I wasn't a huge fan of the chocolate/berry/merlot mousse. The glaze (chocolate, berries, merlot) was good, but really strong, and the chocolate mousse was a tad bland.

Other recaps of the mixer:

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Thanks again, Will!

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Roger said...

Heya mooie! Glad to see a post about your impressions about the dessert platter. Yar, I love comparing notes and seeing what other people think.

Nice close-up shots of individual items. I think I'll do that too from now on.


RecipeGirl said...

That grilled carrot cake looks amazing! I'll be checking out this place for sure :)

Sharon said...

Marie, I'm sad I missed the event but glad you all had a great time. Grilled carrot cake? Yum!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that lemon bar... looks amazing!

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