Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jeong Won Korean BBQ

***Within an hour of this posting, we made another visit to Jeong Won and the quality has gone considerably downhill from our previous visits. Before today, our most recent visit was three weeks ago. Since the change is quite sudden, I feel it is worth noting. The panchan and the quality of the meat are not the same. I strongly suspect some of the meat was kept past its prime. Portions have gone from small to downright skimpy.***

When I started working with my personal trainer, she asked me what I usually ate for lunch. I had to sheepishly admit that I occasionally indulge in outings to all-you-can-eat restaurants with my carnivorous, all-male company.

Trainer: "Well, first off, stop eating with the men."

In terms of metabolism, this makes perfect sense. I'm a woman, smaller in stature, and formerly more sedentary. There's absolutely no need to consume as many calories as an average-sized male and it would only mean more excess weight for me. On the other hand, I really didn't want to be the one who begged off an eating contest in favor of a salad. Hey, dignity's (or is that machismo?) important.

Anyway, Jeong Won Korean BBQ is new to the Convoy St. area of San Diego. Since its opening, it's become a company favorite. For about $18 (including tax and tip) per person, one could eat as much meat as possible from a menu of 10 dishes. Six of the dishes are marinated or unmarinated pork, beef, or chicken. Cow's stomach, squid, shrimp, and pork belly made up the rest.

Speaking of pork belly, some of you out in the great interweb might have noticed that Garrett
and I know each other offline. That's because he's part of the crew that my trainer doesn't want me to dine with. Pork belly's his favorite.

Pork belly, better known as very thick slices of bacon. Anyone want to guess Garrett's cholesterol count?

The panchan is extensive and replenished often. It's one of the better panchan sets I've seen in San Diego. Service is excellent and they keep our motley crew watered and fed.

Meat on the grill. Mmmm... picture's a bit blurry because of steam and smoke. The portions are not large, allowing plenty of mixing and matching. For six of us, we can easily go through the menu once with two or three extra dishes.

There's no way I'd turn this down in favor of something healthier. Apologies to my trainer.

Jeong Won Korean BBQ
4690 Convoy St. #104
San Diego, CA 92111

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Sharon said...

It's too bad that the quality just isn't the same. I'd love to try this out! I haven't had good Korean bbq since I lived in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Visted Jeong Won on Sunday, 10/12. Ordered the All you can eat bbq and was served the worse cuts of galbi ever. Only thing this place has going for them is the waiters and hostess (assuming she was the owner) were very nice and friendly.

2 bites