Sunday, October 5, 2008

Urban Solace: JL's visit and Goodbye MT

I've written about Urban Solace several times and it's become a regular in our rotation. Nice enough for entertaining guests and celebratory occasions. Unfortunately, it's also a fitting place for send-offs and I'm rather melancholy. Since 2005, friends have been slowly trickling away from San Diego and we're down to a small little group. While it's awesome that my friends are finding new jobs, going to grad school, and pursuing new lives, I'll have to channel the father from My Big, Fat Greek Wedding and wail, "Why you have to leeaaavve meee?!" Because Michael Constantine totally rules.

One of our old friends, JL, left SD for Philly and returned for a visit. When he left, Urban Solace hadn't opened yet, so it was one of the first places we headed to. I had just started my weight-loss project, so I attempted to have a light meal.

Warm spinach salad with bacon-sherry vinaigrette, Sonoma goat cheese, sauteed red onions, and boiled egg. Paired with their tomato-fennel soup, it's a healthy, yet filling, choice.

Then, it was time to say goodbye. MT was moving back to his home state and we headed to Urban Solace's bluegrass brunch. One tip: show up at 10am and skip the wait entirely. We settled on the patio and the band started up. I don't know much about bluegrass, but this sounded really good to me.

The guest of honor had the hangar steak benedict with a smoked ancho chili hollandaise, while I oscillated between sweet breakfast items and savory lunch items. Finally, I settled on a sandwich, the first I'd ever had at Urban Solace.

Roasted pork loin, fresh arugula, grain mustard, and caramelized fennel served on a fresh egg bun. It was perfectly done. The sweet potato fries, which are legendary, were amazing.

As always, a great setting for all occasions as we bid adios and good luck to an old friend.

Read about past visits to Urban Solace here.

Urban Solace
3823 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104

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