Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mikey's Peanut Butter Pie: Celebrating Those We Love

I've never met Mike Perillo, but I do know that we share a love of peanut butter desserts. I find myself at a loss for words, because I can't tell the story of a man I didn't know nor discuss what his family is going through. I'll leave it to Shauna, who knew them, and her beautiful post on love and life cut too short. I was at Big Summer Potluck with Mike's wife, Jennie, but I didn't have the opportunity to say hello. So all I can offer are big, big 8-second hugs and my thoughts and best wishes to her and her daughters.

When I heard, I felt deep sorrow. And then I gave Dan a big hug, took Bear on an extra long walk, and called my folks. Dan made this pie, actually, and I photographed it on a faux tabletop he just built.

The peanut butter pie is for Mikey. For celebrating the ones you love.

As I watch the outpouring of love for a family, I also see the words from Jennie and many others to give hugs, love, and a lot of appreciation to those in your life. So, I also want to dedicate this pie to the partners, families, and friends of the food blogging community.

Thanks for holding the reflector as we're barking, "The light is almost gone!!"

Thanks for building faux tabletops/lightboxes/chicken coops.

Thanks for letting us take a ton of photos before you can eat in peace.

Thanks for the taste-testing, the patience, and the support.

Thanks for watching the kids/dogs/cats while we go to yet another conference.

Thanks for holding your tongue when you see yet another new cookbook or camera lens.

Thanks for everything.

The peanut butter pie recipe can be found on Jennie's blog, In Jennie's Kitchen. Take a look at the posts from around the interweb by following the Twitter hashtag #apieformikey.

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Crazy Wheel Coffee said...

Just whenever you can make it, Marie (or Moowie? heehee). I must admit it feels a little weird to be talking "business" with you because there was something so poignant and honest about your first blog entries that struck a chord with me (don't know if you remember that one about quitting blogging/world events/depression? and of course, let's not forget Anthony Bourdain). I'm not saying the food pictures don't look incredible, you really shouldn't be too insecure about your photography skills! Untalented people have posted MORE photos, haha. Anyway, nice talking with you again and you don't have to post this comment. Just, thanks for the sincerity and being one of our favorite people in San Diego. See you again soon! -Matet

my fudo said...

Great post Marie. A pie to let us know that tomorrow may never be so we got to hang on to our loved ones. #pieforMikey

TheCilantropist said...

Great post Marie, and so glad you (or Dan!) could make this to spread some love - those sentiments are *always* important. <3

At Home with Rebecka said...

Marie, I'm dying for a piece of this pie!!  Great post!

Marie said...

Thanks, Rebecka! The pie comes with a hug. :)

Leanne A said...

Beautiful post, Marie! We are so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people in our lives and I think you captured the sentiment just right.

(ps - your new faux tabletop is gorgeous!)

Crazy Wheel Coffee said...

We didn't know Mike Perillo, but this really is a beautiful heartfelt post. Thanks for "stalking" us and talking on Twitter about it, we feel lucky to know you. Also, thank you for this blog yet again. :)

Marie said...

And thank you for being so awesome! I'm glad to know someone's reading it.

P.S. I'll be out to visit you guys again soon... life = crazy lately. Make sure the shakes are extra pretty for the post!

Marie said...

Thanks, lady! I wasn't sure (probably still not sure) what to say, but I'm glad you liked it.

(Wait until the tabletop's painted!)

Marie said...

Always, indeed. And I think it's extremely generous of Jennie and the rest of the community to encourage us to remember everyone. I hope that I am also that capable of looking outward in dark times.

Kelly said...

Such a sweet tribute Marie :)  I'm so honored to be a part of this amazing blogging community and even more glad I found your blog, new follower! xoxo

Marie said...

Thank you, Kelly! The community is amazing... so glad to meet you!

Sally said...

Marie, This is a beautiful post. When I returned from the potluck I realized I had not met Jennie and was thinking about contacting her just to say I was sorry I missed her. Then suddenly, so much changed. I felt such sorrow and along with it, the realization (once again) of how fragile our existence is. I could not stop thinking about Jennie and what she must be going through. We could not step out of bed if we were wholly conscious of it all the time, but certainly, anything can happen on any given day. So I agree, to be thankful and aware of what we have in each moment is the way we must remember to be.

It was lovely to see you, please keep in touch!

kellypea said...

I loved this, Marie.  I think it's been a sobering experience for so many of us.  Huge world made so small by something we too often take for granted. 

Tracy said...

Beautiful pie and lovely tribute to Jennie and Mikey. I can't send her and her girls enough 8 second hugs!

Jenny Williams said...

Finally trying to catch up with the blogs with my new routine and I come across your lovely words.  Its really hard to know how lucky you are until the world suddenly stops spinning on its axis. 

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