Friday, February 15, 2008

Noteworthy Pastries

Just a quick blurb on a couple of fun pastry finds. Well, they're Mom's finds. I absolutely love this bread from the Desir Bakery in the Arcadia 99 Ranch.

It's called "fujisan bread" and I believe its name derives from the loaf looking like Mount Fuji. It's a basic egg bread that's slightly glutenous and slightly sweet. It's lighter than a bread like challah, but similar taste and color.

Mom also picked up some poh taats, or Portuguese tarts from Macau. Macau's a former Portuguese colony, hence the name. The egg tart (daan taat) is classic Hong Kong food, but the poh taat is a custard tart made with fewer egg yolks and a less flaky crust. Thus, the custard is lighter and more pale than the classic egg tart.

It's a bit more bland than the egg tart, but still very good.

Dad, always thinking of our mutual love for all things bao (or bun), went with Mom to buy some "piggy buns". They're made with an egg-based bread filled with a sweet shredded coconut mixture. I LOVE THESE THINGS! I'm eating one right now, but instead of photographing it, I think I'll wait until my next trip to LA and visit Kei Wah, the bakery sells these delicious buns. There will be a fabulous bakery post some time soon.

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