Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pho Viet Cali's Pho Ga

I wouldn't say Pho Viet Cali's the best Vietnamese restaurant ever. Ok, it's pretty mediocre, but it hits the spot for lunch. Nothing there is terrible, but nothing is fantastic, either.

Until now.

A fellow Chowhound turned me on to their pho ga (thanks, Cgfan!) and it has become an obsession. I'm surprised... no, make that floored, to find how good it is. To be more specific, it's pho ga with the chicken on the bone. No white meat boiled to cardboard. Freshly poached chicken on the bone with the skin.

This time, the chicken was perfect. The last time I had it, the chicken was a little dry, but this time, it was moist, smooth, and flavorful from the fat in the skin. The broth was pretty good. Some bouillon, but only the small amount necessary to boost an already good broth. It's simple, but so very good. The way chicken noodle soup should be.

The noodles were overdone, unlike last time when they were perfect. Knowing this restaurant, I have the feeling that each time I have pho ga, it will be different. Last time, they didn't give me a dipping sauce. This time, they did.

I was strangely addicted to this mixture of fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, and garlic. A bit too much sugar, but I think that's why I was drawn to it. The sweetness went well with the fatty richness of the chicken. Can't wait until my next bowl.

Tomorrow's post: Part Two of the best lunch ever... a visit next door to Sorrento European Bakery.

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Charlie Fu said...

is this the one on black mountain road and mira mesa?

Meandering Eats said...

No, Mira Mesa and Camino Santa Fe. It's between Yoshi Sushi and Sorrento European bakery on the west side of the strip mall. Spices/Cotixan is on the east side of the mall.

2 bites