Saturday, March 8, 2008

Last Saturday's Fabulousness, Continued

This was not a week for prolific posting. After Quail Botanical Gardens and Elizabethan Desserts, we decided to stop by Spices Thai Cafe on the way home.

Spices serves decent Thai fare that neither excites nor disappoints. The service is good, the food is pretty good, and the menu has plenty of choices. Their lunch specials are the best, coming with rice, fried wontons, spring rolls, salad, and soup. I usually pick a curry or pad thai.

They OD on the fried beancurd. I ordered it vegetarian, hence the tofu. Cauliflower?! Not sure why that's there. The noodles are good, but sadly in the minority of the dish. Taste is fine and I love the sweet plum sauce that comes for the spring rolls and fried wonton. Although I have a special loathing for fried wontons (cream cheese?! what?!), they're a good carrier for the sauce.

In the evening, we decided to have dinner at home. We visited Zion Marketplace in Kearny Mesa for pre-marinated meat for our version of Korean BBQ.

I like the pre-marinated stuff. It's a little over-marinated, but still grills up nicely.

My favorite part of the store is the case o' panchan. Everything I've tried from the case is pretty good. In a shocking new development, D. actually likes kim chi! I know, I'm floored.

Korean BBQ can be very expensive. For a more casual and less authentic experience, try it at home.

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Anonymous said...

I love Zion geekfoodie! We used to make pilgrimages here with my family just to get the marinated Kalbi! wonderful stuff and thanks for spotlighting it.

I even found an old post I scribbled up ages ago!

I love your blog! Thanks so much.


KirkK said...

Did they charge you extra for the cauliflower? ;o) I think Spices is waaay overpriced, even the lunch specials. I do enjoy deep fried wontons, but not with cream cheese....gasp, that smacks of really bad Americanized Chinese Food.

Meandering Eats said...

Alex- It's such a fantastic place! I have yet to try the bakery items, though. Wow, that post was put up long before I joined CH.

Kirk- Hehehe... what's with cauliflower in pad thai? I guess that was part of the whole vegetarian thing.

Cream cheese in anything Asian seriously offends me. ;) Philadelphia rolls? Ick!

3 bites