Monday, March 31, 2008

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Food in Star Trek.

Yes, it's a slow food week.

We're working our way through the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine DVDs and I think Avery Brooks' Commander Sisko has become my favorite Star Trek captain (he's promoted later in the series). Why? He's a big fan of food and cooking! A foodie captain... that might win over Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard of Earl Grey fame.

The disc we have right now has an episode ("Equilibrium") with relevant discussion on beets.

Major Kira: What are we having? It smells delicious!
Jake Sisko: Blackened red fish with creamed spinach and sauteed beets.
Dr. Bashir: Beets?
Cmdr. Sisko: You don't like beets, Doctor?
Dr. Bashir: Well, they're not exactly a personal favorite of mine, no.
Cmdr. Sisko: That's because you haven't had them prepared properly. Beets are a very misunderstood vegetable.
Dr. Bashir: Well, I look forward to understanding them better.

D. said, "Yeah, so do I." Guess we'll find out tomorrow when our next CSA box comes in. Maybe we'll have more beets.

Also, we enjoyed Constable Odo learning how to properly whisk souffle batter. At first, he moves the bowl while holding the whisk still. Yes, this is a geek entry. No, there won't be much more of them.

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Captain Picard will always be numero uno, of course, but he probably has to share with Sisko. ;)

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