Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jamillah Garden

*Jamillah Garden has closed*

I really like this place, but we don't go often. It's kind of northwestern Chinese cuisine. Parts of China are predominantly Muslim, so the cuisine is a mixture between Muslim dietary requirements and northern Chinese food. Interesting link:

Muslim Chinese Cuisine

We ordered the kung pao chicken, potstickers, and fried onion cakes. Yum, onion cakes. I especially love the lamb and scallion dish that's big at Muslim Chinese restaurants, but I can't finish a whole dish by myself and D. doesn't really like lamb. The service is friendly, if somewhat understaffed, and the restaurant's pretty empty most of the time. That's unfortunate, because the food's quite good. Last night, it was about half full, which is the most crowded we've seen it. They start off each meal with a small plate of slightly spicy pickled cabbage, which is a great palate cleanser. The portions are big and they come with a pot of rice.

I've had better onion cakes, as theirs look like tortillas with onions in them. Taste-wise, they're good, but onion cakes should be in flaky layers and have more crunch to them. The potstickers are big and hearty, but the bottoms could have been fried more. The kung pao is something they do fabulously, with pieces of diced chicken mixed in with peanuts and crunchy water chestnut. The sauce is spicy with lots of flavor. A good meal at a very reasonable cost.

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