Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Me: 1
Caterpillars: 0

Looks like my BT culture is still alive. The caterpillars are slowly disappearing, so that's a relief. I have to keep spraying BT on all of the herbs to keep them from migrating, but I'm also thinking of planting a "sacrifical" plant, an herb that they'd like and would focus their attention on. That plant would not be sprayed with BT and they can munch all they want.

Finally planted the basil and mint, which have held up ok in their original pots. The basil has plenty of room to grow and the mint's more restrained in a smaller pot. Mint's growth tends to expand to choke out whatever space its in, so we don't want to have a gigantic mint plant and nothing to do with it.

Next up, the lettuce and arugula. I bought the arugula seeds recently, but the lettuce seeds are over a year old. They've been kept in a cool and relatively dark environment, so I'm hoping they're still viable.

Not too much cooking going on, but that fried chicken reheats beautifully. We had it with some fried rice last night.

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