Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday's blow... argh.

Gardening update... figured out what the weird growths on the thyme were. Turns out the lower branches of the plant were putting down roots. So all of those little growths were root buds. Which is a relief considering that my sage is being decimated by the caterpillars. If I had another problem with the thyme, I'd probably give up gardening all together.

Soaked the sage in BT, but I still see caterpillars, so my current stock of BT could be dead. I need to remove all of the dead leaves and thin out the plant a little bit. Sage is tough and I have no doubt it'd recover, but sheesh. There were little green caterpillars on almost every leaf. Talk about an onslaught. I don't want to cut anything off until I know the BT is working, otherwise I would just leave a fresh buffet for the pests.

I still haven't transplanted my basil, which I need to do tonight.

Next dish I'm going to attempt: peanut butter swirl brownies

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