Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Lunch report from Monday afternoon: Spices Carmel Valley.

While I can't vouch for authencity, the Carmel Valley branch always serves a good meal. The lunch specials are priced really well, with huge portions and lots of little side dishes. The lunch itself comes with two egg rolls, two fried wontons, cup of soup, cup of salad, big scoop of rice, and an orange wedge. Check out the lunch menu.

It's basic and delicious. I usually get the panang curry (spicy level: 1) and while there's a ton of coconut milk between the curry and the
tom yum soup that comes with, I'm perfectly content with the meal. This time, I ordered it with the chicken, but I also like the duck. The chicken was nice and tender.

Spices is a local chain and I would avoid the one in Mira Mesa. It used to be really good, but has completely flatlined. The last time I had curry from there, it was basically hot coconut milk with chunks of dry chicken. Gross. The Carmel Valley branch, however, has been consistently good for years. It's especially nice for dinner, because they cater to a business lunch crowd and dinnertime is usually not very busy. Quick to get a table and the service is excellent.

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