Monday, August 6, 2007

Cinnamon Buns and Challah Update

Quick update on the cinnamon buns and challah. The cinnamon buns are a decent start, but they definitely need work. More filling. I seemed to have misjudged Giada's recipe when I scaled it up for mine. The icing needs work, but I knew that since I ran out of confectioner's sugar. So, what I have right now is a decent dough, which I should not knead as much next time, and Giada's idea of using hazelnuts. They're a nice touch. I toasted them, then ground them coarsely in my coffee grinder.

I was really disappointed in the challah, which came out too... gluten-y. I apparently added too much flour. It's good enough for paninis, though, so we'll still eat them. Toasting will also make it less tough.

I'm a little annoyed that all of that work turned out two sub-par results, but that's the way it goes. I'll continue to tinker with the challah recipe and it looks like the cinnamon buns have the potential to be fabulous the next time around. I ended up buying a huge package of yeast and storing it in a jar in the fridge, so there's plenty of yeast for the next two months or so.

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