Saturday, March 1, 2008

Red Beet Risotto

I'm not a fan of beets. However, they've been in three CSA boxes in a row. Sigh. What to do with beets? More accurately, what to do with beets that D. will eat? Nicole from Pinch My Salt suggested making dark chocolate muffins with them. J. will be making those and I went with a savory recipe. Chowhounds talked about how much they loved pickled beets. Oy. D. would pass out if I pickled the beets. One 'Hound, however, linked to this recipe on Epicurious.

Hmmm... that might do. D. and I were still leery.

Here are the ingredients minus cheese and garlic. The recipe doesn't call for garlic, but it really adds a lot to the dish. I used 4 cloves.

One thing I hate about preparing beets? They turn everything red. It usually washes off, though.

The beginning:

After all of the ingredients have softened and the rice has been added:

The recipe called for goat cheese, but we had a variety of cheeses that needed to be consumed. I wasn't about to run out for more. Based on the reviews, Parmesan seemed to be a good substitute.

The knife is a 14cm Wusthof Classic tomato/sausage knife (depends on who you're asking). The smaller size and serrated blade made it a good cheese knife. I easily sliced the bits of leftover rind that couldn't be grated. Our latest CSA box had chard, so I used that instead of mustard greens. Chard holds its texture and color even after the bejeezus has been boiled out of it. Great contrast to the bright red of the beets.

D. grilled up sausages and they went well with the risotto.

Closeup shot. The texture of the risotto was perfect and didn't require the diligent add-warmed-broth-and-stir.

It was fantastic. Made me dislike beets a little less. I'd totally make this again if the beet streak continues. I'm not sure if I'd seek out beets to make it, though.

4 bites:

Anonymous said...

That risotto is beautiful and I think all of your substitutions/additions sound perfect! I'm really thinking about signing up with a CSA to start receiving a weekly box. We'll see! Thanks for mentioning my beet muffins :-)

Meandering Eats said...

No worries! My friend was excited to hear about them and the recipe will use up her share of the beets.

Chowhound has a couple of good threads on San Diego CSAs, so that's a good place to see how people like their shares.

Sharon said...

Wow! I have never heard of red beet risotto but that looks delicious. I think I've only had beets once (on a salad, maybe) but I want to try this recipe.

Meandering Eats said...

It's an easy recipe... great for weeknights! The color is Kool-Aid red, but the taste is fabulous.

4 bites