Sunday, March 9, 2008


Ah, perhaps a new obsession is on the horizon. This past Wednesday and Thursday, we visited Yog-Art twice and I don't think I can have enough of it. It's part of the whole frozen soft-serve yogurt craze, so there's a nice tartness to it. I don't like soft-serve in general, but this is definitely an exception.

Yog-Art is a neat little place located on the eastern side of Hillcrest, across the street from the store formerly known as Ben and Jerry's (RIP). It has wi-fi, board games, and samples galore. Great staff... very friendly and you can take full advantage of the sampling.

I'd forgotten my camera on both visits, so the picture is courtesy of D.B.'s cell phone.

First visit: Medium with half taro, half peanut butter, and topped with mochi, strawberries, and Heath Bar crumbles. I loved it, but they weren't the best mix. Too much savory with tart/sweet.

Second visit: Medium with half taro, half vanilla, and topped with mochi, strawberries, and lychee strips. Excellent. The tartness lightens up the yogurt, making a fairly large cup easily consumable. The fresh sweetness of the condiments compliments the yogurt. Yum.

I highly recommend the mochi bits as a topping. It's sweetened rice dough and Yog-Art's is very light. Even lighter than a marshmallow, which makes it fantastic.

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Sharon said...

I'm such a nerd that this post excites me. I've heard good things about this place, but haven't been. I have only seen the mochi bits at one other yogurt place, but the yogurt was only so-so. I'm there...tonight! :0

Meandering Eats said...

Hope you liked it! I haven't really explored any of these yogurt places, but Yog-Art is so good that I'd say it sets a bar for now. It's a little expensive, though.

Anonymous said...

I like the texture of the yogurt at Yog-art ...not so much the tartness. I think if the tartness of Yogurt Lounge's yogurt could be combined with the texture of YA it'd make for an unbeatable yogurt.

Meandering Eats said...

I'll have to stop by Yogurt Lounge, then. :) I never got into the tart fro-yo until very recently and now I'm so addicted that I practically have a free one on those "stamp when you buy one" cards.

4 bites