Sunday, December 16, 2007

Be Back BBQ

Note: Be Back BBQ has closed.

(from November 30)

We went to this tiny rib joint on Adams Avenue for dinner on a rainy Friday night. Quite honestly, I liked everything except my ribs. Great service, great flexibility in the menu (you can order lunch dishes for dinner), and good prices.

I ordered the lunch portion of the pork ribs, which include three ribs and one side. I found four ribs, which was a nice surprise.

The cole slaw was quite good. My take on cole slaw is that it should be "classic". I generally dislike attempts to dress up cole slaw or use atypical ingredients/spices. Be Back does their cole slaw the old-fashioned way, keeping the cabbage crisp and the sauce tangy.

What I didn't like about my ribs was that they were extremely tough. The meat fell off the bones, as it should, but it was cooked to a jerky-like consistency. I had a painful issue with my gums after a particularly hard piece wedged itself between my teeth. No joke. However, the sauce was good, so had the ribs not been so dried out, it would have been a great dish.

D. ordered the rib dinner with mac 'n' cheese and potato salad. Both sides were pretty good. His ribs weren't dried out at all and he mentioned that they were nice and tender. I must have had a bad batch or something.

The owner very kindly comped us free slices of sweet potato pie. This was my favorite part of the meal. The custard was chilled and not too sweet. I liked it a lot. It was very similar to pumpkin pie, but the custard was thicker and it wasn't as cloyingly spicy as pumpkin pie fillings tend to be.

Definitely worth a return visit. I think I will order the chicken next time, as D.D. had it and it, too, fell off the bone. Just the way I like it.

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