Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Phuong Trang

Another staple on our rotation of restaurant is Phuong Trang. We go there fairly regularly, as it's one of the better Vietnamese places we've visited. Some of the dishes are above-average and the service is quite good. Here's a picture of my usual rice dish, com tam bi cha bo nuong.

Com tam
is "broken rice" or the broken rice grains that are separated out from "saleable" rice. Those leftover grains used to be cooked and eaten by poorer people, but now they're so mainstream that rice is deliberately broken for the dish. It's served with bi, shredded and seasoned pork. It's quite good if you don't mind the tendons. Bo nuong is grilled beef slices, flavored with lemon grass, pepper, and probably fish sauce.

It's a regular, so we'll always be back. I'm sure I'll have pictures of other dishes later.

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