Sunday, December 23, 2007

Urban Solace, Part Deux

Stopped by this fabulous little North Park restaurant again. It was hopping, but they did change one thing by letting people call ahead to put their name on the list. They're still not great at estimating wait times and there's not a lot of room for waiting, so that's not helpful when it's cold. We were told 45 minutes from the time D. called, but still had to wait an extra 25 minutes or so after we arrived. Still, I thought it was worth it, although D. felt his house burger was not as good as last time.

I ordered two appetizers as my entree. They were the pan-roasted black mussels in smoked tomato butter. It was excellent. The butter mingled well with the juices from the mussels for a great sauce. I think I detected a little white wine.

I paired those with the warm cheese biscuits with orange honey butter. The biscuits were flaky and delicious with a nice hint of chive. They were very reminiscent of scallion pancakes in flavor and in the flakiness of the dough. The orange honey butter was good, but it overpowered the biscuit flavor, so I didn't have much of it.

We had a bottle of the petite syrah from Jewel, a winery in Lodi, CA. It was a mellow red with hints of berry and raisins (not a stretch since wine and raisins are both grapes). Another great meal at Urban Solace and we'll be back yet again.

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