Friday, December 21, 2007

December brought a couple of opportunities for birthday cake. Well, one opportunity and one extremely late birthday cake.

For D.B.'s birthday in early December:

It was chocolate cake from one of my favorite recipes, Gale Gand's
Featherlight Chocolate Cake, frosted with cream cheese frosting. The filling was the cream cheese frosting whipped with some dulce de leche.

M.T.'s birthday came in October, but we didn't have our act together for cake-making then. So, nearly two months later, we had a German chocolate cake.

I messed up on the filling, which called for the "goo" to be stirred until it's "very thick". I stirred until it was very thick, but it turned out to be too thick, so the filling was more like a soft macaroon sitting on and in between layers of chocolate cake.

The chocolate cake came out to be dense and slightly crumbly, so imagine a brownie topped with a macaroon. Yum. The German chocolate cake recipe came from the Birthday Cakes cookbook.

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