Monday, December 10, 2007

Sushi Ota

(From November 14th)

This place is arguably one of the best sushi places in San Diego. Darebear (hehe... gotta love a nickname that irks) and I met for dinner with plans to take on a proper
omakase. Not an omakase menu, but true chef-chooses-adventure omakase. I wimped out at the last minute and opted for their omakase menu: a preset of not-advertised nigiri and rolls. Sigh. I'll take the plunge some day soon.

It comes with clam miso soup. From the top left: fatty tuna,
cockle, albacore tuna (I think), mantis shrimp, red snapper, saltwater eel. From the bottom left: yellowtail, squid, sea urchin, salmon roe (my favorite!), and rolls of a crunchy root and shiso leaf (white center) and tuna/cucumber (red center). We ordered one plate each, then followed it with a rainbow roll. Excellent fish, excellent sushi chef and waitress, and a good time overall. The only downside is that the hostess was rather insistent that we leave by 7:30pm and made a point of reminding us three times. Ugh. I understand that you're busy and you have a reservation schedule to maintain, but that's just rude.

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