Saturday, December 8, 2007

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot and Grill

(From November 8)

This place is definitely a splurge and an experience. I have lots of pictures and very few descriptions.
Little Sheep is on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. and recently opened.

They bring a pot of broth to an induction cooktop and you order plates of meat, veggies, and dumplings to cook in the broth as the cooktop keeps it simmering. Chief did the ordering, so I'm not sure what many of the dishes were, but I'll do my best. Here's our broth, which was half spicy, half plain:

The broth was flavor full, spiced with a variety of Chinese herbs and spices like star anise. Lots of scallion ends (the white parts) were also in the broth. First dish was traditional sesame bread, which is spongy and yeasty. Yum.

There was lamb.



Seafood platter (front), variety of meat/fish balls (left), pork intestines (top), and fish balls (right):

Dumplings of pork filling wrapped in a porous egg wrapper (left). The wrapper holds up in the boiling broth very well. On the right are tubes of fish, which were incredible:

Beancurd (fried tofu):

More dumplings, shaped a bit like tortellini. I wasn't sure what they were filled with.

And lastly, a gigantic tray of vegetables, which I can't really identify except for the Napa cabbage (top right and in bowl):

The fragrant broth made the best of every ingredient. I thought this was a fantastic meal, but it was quite pricey. Worth a return.

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