Wednesday, January 30, 2008

China Max

D. and I stopped by for a dim sum fix. I've posted previously about China Max, but this time, I have pictures. I'll keep it short and sweet. Great dim sum joint on Convoy St. It's on par with the good LA dim sum restaurants. It doesn't serve dim sum on carts, but I'm more than ok with that.

A sampling of our dim sum order... we ordered a ton of dishes and finished almost all of them. Starting with D.'s beloved BBQ pork cherng fun or rice noodle rolls.

I had the shrimp version:

Har gow, or shrimp dumplings. China Max makes them beautifully.

We had two types of buns: BBQ pork and custard (pictured). The custard bun was sub-par this time. I don't think they steamed it long enough, so the custard wasn't quite done.

D. wanted potstickers and I wanted Peking-style pork spareribs, which are on the lunch menu. We indulged our guilty pleasures.

Daan taat, or my beloved egg tarts. Great dessert.

Fantastic meal. It was a lot of food for $20 a person. A tad pricey, but dim sum tends to be slightly pricier than the average lunch.

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Sharon said...

Thanks for the visit & the recipe! China Max is one of my all time favorites. So much so, that we've had troubles trying out new Dim Sum places. I went here once for dinner, though and wasn't quite as impressed.

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