Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Mom Series: Typical Dinner

My mother is a fantastic cook. She's so good that I will indulge in some daughterly hubris and say that "fantastic cook" is a fact, not opinion. Obviously, I have a lot to learn from her. If I'm going to write a blog about everything I eat, I'm going to have to write about the best food I've had: Mom's home-cooking. Hence, this kicks off "The Mom Series". Hi, Mom!

This December 27 dinner is a classic example of a weeknight dinner. When I lived at home, we'd eat meals like this daily.

Napa cabbage cooked down in a hot pan with a little chicken broth. Then, vermicelli and dried shrimp are added. Fun note: the cabbage was from our CSA box.

Steamed whole tilapia, topped with scallions, flash-fried ginger, salt/pepper, and soy sauce.

One of my favorite childhood dishes, egg fried with shrimp and onions. The dish is topped with scallions and goes fabulously with rice and Maggi sauce.

My mom also made my favorite soup, a broth made with chicken and a variety of Chinese herbs. It has a pungent and very slightly bitter flavor. I love it, although it is an acquired taste. I'm not sure what the herbs are, specifically, but they look like seeds, pods, and branches. Yum.

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