Wednesday, January 16, 2008

K. and B.'s projects

I've had K.'s pictures for a while now and I feel like a yutz for not posting them sooner. Sorry, K.! We'll start with their fabulous Halloween cookies:

I love frosted sugar cookies and these are fantastic. I have fond memories of the year we went to the guys' apartment to find cookies with our names on them. The decorating takes a lot of effort and coloring frosting can be frustrating, especially darker colors like crimson red and black.

They also made pretzels, which sounds fabulous, as my only experience with pretzels are the ones you find at the mall. K. says it turned out fantastic and they definitely look like they did.

Mmmm... pretzel. Now I'm in the mood for one covered with cinnamon and sugar.

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~kelly marie~ said...

I miss K and B's holiday cookies!

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