Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Cocina

What a find! This homey Mexican restaurant is a Chowhound favorite and I understand why. Dishes rotate every day and everyone will find something they like amongst the myriad of choices. It's basically home-cooking for sale.

When we went, a friendly man behind the counter greeted us with rapid-fire descriptions of the available entrees. For $6.99, you can decide on portions of two entrees, beans, rice, and tortillas. I decided on birria, which is goat stewed in a delicious broth with spices. I detected at least bay leaf in there. The goat was gamey and rich, cooked to tender perfection. The second entree was
chupaderos, which derives its name from the fact that you'd slurp the sauce off your fingers (chupar means "to suck").

I asked for my usual double-order of rice instead of rice and beans. On R.'s plate, there was a bay leaf in the beans, which was a nice touch. D. had the empanadas and spicy pork. The empanadas were well-made, but the filling was very mild. Too bland for my liking.

We'll have to go back and explore other options!

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